Dry, Waterless Concrete Cleaner

Clean-Sweep is a dry, waterless concrete cleaning powder that is spread over concrete surfaces by using a broom. This concrete cleaner contains two minerals plus natural biostimulants that work by breaking down embedded oil stains. The product is simply spread onto the concrete. There is NO need to sweep up the powder when finished.

  • CLEAN-SWEEP is not an absorbent. Bioorganics remove oil from the concrete.
  • CLEAN-SWEEP is a dry powder.
  • No cleanup is necessary. After the application is finished, there is no oil or residual product to remove from the lane. Using CLEAN-SWEEP is a one-step process.
  • CLEAN-SWEEP eliminates the need for costly degreasers, power-washers and water disposal.
  • CLEAN-SWEEP eliminates toxic water run-off.
  • Lanes can be put back into service IMMEDIATELY after CLEAN-SWEEP is applied.
  • Most lanes will show a noticeable difference within 24 hours.
  • The product will continue to work for weeks after it is applied.
  • The result is a clean lane that is safe for the environment as well as vehicles, toll collectors, maintenance staff, and other personnel.

CLEAN-SWEEP can also be used for maintenance areas, shops, parking spaces, or any concrete surfaces that are exposed to oil. A liquid version is available for use on asphalt lanes or metal surfaces such as toll booths or canopies. The liquid version also has numerous industrial applications and can be used in power washers and scrubbers.

Note: The background of this page is an untouched close-up image of a 22-year old slab of concrete that was cleaned.

Click here for instructions on how CLEAN-SWEEP is applied.

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